5 Pain Free Fetishes To Try

Domination need not be about pain, so you can safely dip your toe in the world of fetish and try a few exciting new things without having to succumb to more extreme practises. Just explain this to your Mistress and check that you are both on the same page. It might take a while to find the right person for you to experiment with but undoubtedly it will be worth the wait.

Here are some things you can try that need not be painful.

1.(Light) Spanking.

Spanking can be mild and teasing, it doesn’t need to leave you with red and bruised bottom cheeks. A firm hand spanking alternating cheeks can be pleasurable if you are not a huge fan of pain.  The flogger can be used as a sensual toy as well as stroked across the cheeks and trailed down the back. A nice velvet covered paddle can be lightly stimulating too.

2.Face Sitting.  

Having your Mistress sit astride your face is a pain free way to enjoy being dominated. You can fully submit to her and enjoy being smothered by her wonderful panties whilst she uses you as a comfortable seat. You might enjoy her tweaking your nipples and teasing them between her fingers whilst you lie pinned to the bed, at her mercy! If you behave yourself she might even gag you with her panties afterwards.

3. Worship

Many Mistresses enjoy being worshipped. Some will allow their feet to be worshipped whilst others may be too ticklish. Some will allow more intimate body worship and others would be appalled at the prospect of this. Presumably your Mistress will tell you exactly what she approves of and what she doesn’t.  Many Mistresses love to be worshipped and look down at their submissive slut planting gentle but firm kisses up her nylon clad legs. It’s a wonderful way to show your submissive side and obey your domme.

4. Cross Dressing

Some subs may enjoy going the whole hog and dressing fully as a woman, whereas others may just enjoy the sensation of wearing silky panties and a nice pair of stockings sliding over their legs. Dressing as a woman can be very sensual and help you to explore your Submissive side.

5. Tie and Tease

Your Mistress will restrain you with hand cuffs and leg spreaders, ropes or perhaps even hog tie you so you are unable to move a great deal. Whilst bound and at her mercy she will use many ways to tease you. This may include things like face sitting or breast smothering or even teasing your whole body with a flogger or vibrator. There are many ways a Mistress can leave a slave twitching in sweet frustration as she taunts him like an evil yet wonderful seductress!

Feel free to leave your comments below – what’s your favourite way to be teased? Is there a fetish you enjoy that completely blows your mind? Let us know!

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