5 Celebrity’s Sexy Fetishes

Here are 5 Celebrity’s Sexy Fetishes you may not know about. Some of this I’m guessing is speculation but where there’s smoke there’s fire. Well here’s hoping anyway!

Quentin Tarantino – it is largely documented on many gossip websites that the Cult Film Director Taranto has a fetish for feet. There does seem to be a recurring theme of feet in many of Tarantino’s movies. Scenes include Tarantino drinking from Salma Hayek’s feet, Vincent in Jules in Pulp Fiction discussing foot massage and lots of gratuitous shots of bare feet and sexy little tootsies! Yet another reason to love Tarantino movies – as if we needed one!

Celebrity's Sexy Fetishes

Christina Aguilera  – The Dirrty girl confessed to The Sun Newspaper that she has a thing for role play and loves to play Doctor and Nurse with her other half whilst dressed in kinky costumes. Let’s face it – who wouldn’t want to play Doctor’s and Nurses with this gorgeous singer!

Rhianna – The iconic star’s lyrics are littered with references to BDSM such as “Sticks and stones will break my bones but whips and chains excite me.”

Celebrity's Sexy Fetishes

Her raunchy videos feature a lot of fetish inspired imagery with shots of her bound in chains and wrapped in plastic. She was also quoted as saying in Rolling Stone Magazine “I think I’m a bit masochistic. I love to be tied up and spanked. I like to be whipped” Oh the sexy minx!

Lady Gaga – this kinky pop queen is certainly no stranger to the world of fetish. She has probably done as much for making fetish wear fashionable, as 50 Shades Of Grey has done for making BDSM mainstream! Her tracks explore a world of fetish and she even has a hit called – you guess it – Fetish! Lady Gaga’s video’s play like a fetishists paradise and feature all kinds of provocative attire and role play scenarios. It’s doubtful that behind closed doors it’s missionary with the lights out! What a woman!

Celebrity's Sexy Fetishes

Scarlett Johansson  – Avengers star Johansson hinted at a kinkier side in an interview with Playboy magazine and was quoted as saying:

“I do think having sex in a car is sexy. If I were in a really raunchy frame of mind and thinking of doing something crazy and kinky and sexy, the back seat would be it.”

I bet that would cause a pile up if this steamy babe was getting frisky in her Mercedes Benz!

So the jury’s out – women are just as kinky as men and celebrities like to spice up their love lives as much as anyone else! Good on them I say!

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