30 Ways To Make Your Sub More Submissive

Here are some techniques and things that can be done to ensure that your Slave feels more Submissive to you. Control every aspect of his being. Break everything down into small chunks and supervise his every action whilst informing him how he can improve and do it better. Verbal control can be just as powerful as physical control, in fact often more so! I hope you enjoy reading my list.

  1. Do not allow them to make eye contact with you unless permitted.
  2. Use a blindfold so they are unable to see what is going to happen next.
  3. Punish bad behaviour by instructing them to stand in the corner with their hands on their head like a child.
  4. Pick an animal or theme and have them act in this way for the whole duration of your play time. For example they may have to mimic a dog or monkey.
  5. Make them wear your panties or girl attire only.

Sexy Panties6.Make them speak in a different voice when they address you – I usually opt for a soft girly one!

7.Allow them only to crawl on all fours when they move around.

8.When they want a drink, allow them only to drink from your mouth.

9.Have them worship your feet or legs with their hands tied behind their back or blindfolded so that they must wriggle around and work harder to please you.

10.Have them wear a pair of tights or stockings under their clothes and send them on a trip to the shops – this will excite them and make them feel more vulnerable and nervous.

11.Desensitisation. Blindfold them, spin them round several times and bind their wrists and ankles. Leave them in a dark room for ten minutes on their own before you return. Their senses will really kick in when their sense of sight, sound and movement is diminished.

12.Choose a different walk for them. For example they may only walk like a supermodel during a session or with a wiggling bum!

13.Instruct them to do one thing then before they have completed it to tell them to stop and start again or change the instruction. Keep them on their toes.

14.Assuming they have no significant other that would see this – shave a part of them, whether it be the bottom or top of the thigh.

15.Have them wear a nappy and use a dummy.

16.Allow them to only talk like a baby.

17.Have them explain to you why they have been naughty and have them ask you for punishment.

18.Dress them in high heels and make them pose in a mirror. Continue until they have perfected the pose.

19.Feed your Slave from a doggy bowl.


Cages Slave Eating From Dog Bowl20.Give your Slave a task but micro manage the whole thing and instruct them step by step. Punish them if they do not follow your instructions perfectly

21.Give them a pet name – ie, Candy, Fluffy, Georgina!

22.If you have two subs side by side a bit of healthy competition always encourages a slaves submissive streak. For example you could see who was the best at worshipping or sucking a strap on. Whoever performs best should be verbally rewarded whilst the other one learns that he should try harder in future!

23.Put your Slave on a lead and take him for a walk.

Gimp On A Leash24.Cage your sub or restrain him with shrink wrap and leave him to punish bad behaviour. (Best not leave alone in the setting restrained in case of emergency. Simply going into another room is enough)

25.Emasculate them. Have them wear a chastity cage  or butt plug or have them wear lipstick and blusher.

26.Take away Slaves right to speak. Have him communicate in woofs, meows or any other method that you desire. For example a woof could be yes, a meow could be no.

27.Instruct them to wear silky or lace panties to work under their clothes.

28.Have them act like a servant. They must address you as Master/Mistress/Her Majesty or similar and carry out chores such as cleaning shoes or scrubbing the loo. Inspect their work and punish sloppiness and reward good behaviour.

29.Use a rewards systems. Good behaviour could win a chocolate drop – throw it to them and have them catch it in their mouth like a feral animal.

30.Use an ascending punishment system. 1 mistake may earn a strike to the buttocks – for two mistakes there is a worse forfeit and a sliding scale which ensures a tougher punishment is administered. To avoid a severe punishment there behaviour will modify soon enough. If they are a serious pain slut they will want a caning so don’t use this as punishment. Instead give them a humiliating task and vice versa

This should hopefully give you some inspiration on how to train your slave and ensure that he is always loyal, obedient and eager to please! Enjoy trying out my tips and let me know how you get on!

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