Month: April 2017

Deadly Assassin Gets Pussy Whipped!

This is a role play scenario I enjoyed with one of my regulars recently…   My hitman Addy reported to me at 2pm and delivered news which was devastating and sent me into a furious rage. He had been appointed to take out a target from a rival group and had failed the mission. He arrived […]

Levels Of Domination

I always say that communication is key to any good relationship whether professional, friendly or romantic. This is especially true for D/S power exchange relationships. There are many different levels of domination and I am always certain to ask my slaves what level of a certain act or fetish they are looking for. This is […]

Women Rule And Men Drool!

I have some great regular slaves. They are generous, obedient, well mannered and know to to converse well with a Mistress. On the flip side – this month my phone has been even more inundated with utter fuck wits claiming to be subs and I thought I’d share some of this with you  – my […]

Have you experienced sub drop?

I was having a conversation with my slave the other day and saying that it was great to see how comfortable he is with his fetishes. I explained how I had a few subs that sometimes felt shame afterwards and would need reassurance or would sometimes appear to get depressed and disappear before returning to me full […]