Month: February 2017

Stan’s 7 Day Chastity Challenge

The 7 Day Chastity Challenge! Want to be part of this? Get in touch! You must be prepared to enter into chastity non-stop for one week and keep a diary for me! Stan Stan is a 36 year old delivery driver. Despite being happily married he craves the feeling of being submissive and has bisexual urges […]

Slave Takes Mouth Wash Enema Punishment

One of my regular pets Slave Harris first visited me for a whipping session. It transpired that he is quite the masochist and has found over time that there is nothing he enjoys more than being subjected to copious amounts of pain.  Harris isn’t one who gets off on humiliation and he doesn’t enjoy being […]

Make Up Guide For Sissies

I often get sent photo’s from Sissies who have done their own make up and it’s obvious that some of them need a little help. After all most sissies want to look feminine and not like Krusty the clowns little sister. I am putting together this basic Make Up Guide For Sissies to help all […]

How To Douche For Your Mistress

Douching is always good practise if you intend to partake in any form of anal play. It avoids embarrassing moments and if you are well douched it will ensure that your Mistress doesn’t run from the room screaming should you leak something less than enticing from your rear end. I have had various experiences with […]