Month: January 2017

Fetish Model Lolani Talks BDSM

Lolani SBS is a 37 year old fetish model from the West Midlands who has a passion for BDSM and is strongly opposed to censorship within the media. This venturesome young lady began modelling at the sweet age 0f 18 when she entered a competition in the Sports newspaper and won. She was then headhunted […]

The Truth About Lifestyle Slaves

With so much fetish and BDSM on the internet there are more and more Vanilla’s (BDSM Virgins) dipping their toes into the world of fetish and experimenting with things they had never before considered. You may also be surprised to learn there is also an increasing number of submissive males who are living the BDSM lifestyle around the […]

Slut Training With CrossDresser Jessica Dee

I have many sissy followers on Twitter and I keep on eye on those who strike me as particularly slutty. I had been talking to Jessica Dee on webcam for a while and it seemed we have many common interests, so a kinky day of filming seemed very appealing. I am extremely selective about whom I […]

Slave Etiquette

When you enter the world of BDSM and Fetish there is a lot to learn and you may slip up along the way. My guide to Slave Etiquette will help you to avoid embarrassing yourself, or causing your Mistress to refuse seeing you again. These are some basic rules to ensure your introduction to Femdom […]

How To Spot A Time Waster

This blog is mainly for newbie dommes and Mistresses, however it may give some of you non dommes a chuckle too at the lengths some guys will go to for free kicks! Some time wasters are very obvious whilst others are a little more subtle. Here is how to spot a guy who is wasting […]

Thirsty For Fetish

I love all things Vampire, from Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles through to HBO’s True Blood. If it has Vampires in it then it has my attention. I just love the idea of seductive immortal beings that are ultimately powerful. Of course I have no interest in being it’s victim, I would want the complete transformation […]