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November 2016 - KAZ B

Month: November 2016

Name My Naughty TS Doll

I love to buy kinky and unusual items for my fetish wardrobe. They are a great addition to sessions as well as webcam play. When shopping online recently I had decided upon buying a blow up doll to train my subs with but was torn between getting a male or a female doll.  When I […]

Vlog On Character In This Shoot

When I collaborate on a photoshoot I like to come up with motives and my desires for the character to make them more real. I just love to psychoanalyse them and give them added darker dimensions that make them even more twisted.  In this Vlog I refer to a shoot I did with an awesome […]

Face Sitting Fetish Interview

Comfort Face is a creative professional who works in the arts and hails from the Netherlands.  Today he shares with us his experience and views on various fetishes such as face sitting & his thoughts on censorship. This chap is extremely open and raises some very intellectual points about fantasy versus reality and prohibition. Read […]

Super Villain On The Loose – Beware!

The latest news brings reports of a crazed super villain on the loose. This dark and deadly female has been known to lure all manner of perverts and deviants to her lair and then hold them captive for hours, whilst she subjects them to the most abhorrent punishments…and all at their own expense. The villainess is […]

Foot Fetish And Wrestling Entrepreneur monkeyboy

Monkeyboy is one of the few kinksters that has turned his fetish into a business. His love of foot fetish and women wrestling and overpowering men has turned him from a secret fetishist into an online entrepreneur who turns people’s fetishes into an on screen world of fantasy. Read on to find out how deepest […]

British Bitches Day Of Fetish

What could be possibly better than a dominatrix wielding a strap on? How about 5 strap on wearing bitches! On 24th November The Sluttery will be presenting ‘Deviant Dommes’ in Watford. In attendance will be the delicious Dakota, sensational Stevie Lou from Babestation, Kinky Katie Sparks, the Luscious Lottie Carmen and myself. We love a […]

Torture Garden Fetish Club

Recently I had the great pleasure of being invited to The Torture Garden Halloween Ball by the amazing Tiffany Snow. Now there is an offer you simply can’t refuse – enjoying an evening in a fetish club with a beautiful blonde! We spent a lot of time choosing our outfits. Tiffany poured her tight, toned […]

Interview With A Strap On Fetishist

Meet Danny. A young chap who enjoys online D/S relationships with dominant Transexual women. What’s quite astonishing about Danny is that he only 21, a tender age to develop a taste for fetish and indeed be ‘owned’, though Danny expresses himself verbally with a maturity far beyond his years. He is also in a vanilla […]