Month: October 2016

Interview With A Master

Rick is a dominant male and an Ex porn star with a penchant for spanking and gasmasks. Whilst his adult movie days are behind him, he still has a passion for kinky sex and dominating his parters. Masters can often be portrayed as abusive or reckless in the media, yet Rick is certainly evidence against […]

Latex Fetish – Interview

Do you have a latex fetish? You might be able to relate to some of the things in the following interview. *Steven has an ordinary day job and a family, but he closely guards a deep secret that he is only able to share with the dominatrix he visits. For when he clocks off from his […]

Chastity Fetish Interview

Today I interviewed *Levi,  a successful businessmen in his early 40’s from the Netherlands who considers himself as submissive. He has a big fetish for online dommes, financial domination and being locked into chastity. In this wonderfully frank interview, Levi was very open and honest and I am grateful for his willingness to share his secret […]

Interview With A Cross Dresser

I am starting up a series of interviews with fetishists and kinksters to find out more about the personal and private side of kink. Hopefully within these interviews there will be some questions answered that many other fetishists are wondering about. I do hope you find my interviewees as interesting as I do. Today I spoke […]

Fetish Is The New Black

Years ago the word ‘Fetish’ would summon up images of creepy old man in anoraks slapping their salami behind a newspaper whilst wearing a lurid expression. The world has changed substantially in the last 20 years and if you ask someone what they think of when you say the word fetish they will think of […]

Masked Role Play Fetish

Recently I encountered a sub with a very unusual and interesting fetish. Roland has a big thing for mask, gas masks and bandit style handkerchiefs worn around the neck and face so it was a good opportunity to get into a juicy role and play the big bad bitch! We began the role play on […]

Mistress Kaz Rates Your Pathetic Dinky

For some reason many simpering male slaves send me photo’s of their inadequate maggot-esque appendages asking for my opinion. “Is my willy small?” they ask? “Is it big?” I suppose some are hoping for some kind of form of validation, others are yearning to be humiliated, whilst some simply want to show off their little […]

What To Expect From A FemDom Session With Me.

I receive contact from many new subs asking what to expect from a femdom session with myself and what an average session involves. The answer is that there is no average session! Each session is tailored to the individual slave. I like to begin with a list of likes and limits from the sub to […]

Webcam Domination Berkshire

I offer two types of webcam domination for Slaves. The first option is to book a one to one Skype show with me so I can dominate the sub via webcam. We can see and hear each other and my sub can enjoy putting on a show for me or await instructions. In the past […]