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June 2016 - KAZ B

Month: June 2016

Slaves Humiliation On Webcam

Some of my subs crave humiliation and sometimes it’s just not enough for them to feel embarrassed in front of me. In these instances I suggest I pop my webcam on live so that they can enjoy an entire audience tuning in to watch their punishment and depraved activities. This appeals to the exhibitionistic streak […]

Tie, Tease and Anal Play

I enjoy blending erotic play like tie and tease with other elements such as cross dressing, anal play, face sitting or trampling. Tie and tease can take place anywhere that you can comfortable tie somebody down. Sometimes I may use a bed but today I opted to start with a chair. I blindfolded my sub […]

Mind Control

Subs crave domination for different reasons and in different forms. Lets take a look at some of the different ways a slave might enjoy being dominated. Strict BDSM The Slave craves abuse, verbal humiliation and pain. He may enjoy being told he is inferior, pathetic, worthless and love to have his Mistress rule supreme and […]

The Sissy Slut’s Guide

Have you always dreamed of being glamorous and feminine but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you long for a full transformation and long to be a true sissy slut. In this guide I will tell you how to achieve the perfect inner and outer goddess. You won’t even be able to recognise yourself […]

Slave’s Humiliation In Reading

My pain slut sissy longed to be abused and utterly humiliated. This is what happened on a rainy afternoon in Reading….   I guided him into my lair and ordered him to strip. He complied knowing that resistance would be both futile and dangerous. Pushing him roughly into the chair I tightly bound his wrists […]


Poppers current status – Legal. Poppers is the name given to the group of alkyl nitrites (formerly amyl nitrate before the original version was banned) which are taken for recreational purposes. Many that indulge in poppers take them for sexual purposes as it can heighten the orgasm and lower inhibitions. Personally they don’t interest me […]

BDSM Versus Fetish

Whilst many Subs have fetishes not all fetishists are devout Subs. They may have some Submissive tendencies and enjoy power play but may be not be into the more extreme side of BDSM and domination. BDSM stands for Bondage and Sadomasichism whereas a fetish is the fixation for a sexual act, concept, theme or object. Part […]

Secret Life Of The Human Pups

Have you ever found yourself feeling curious about puppy play? Or ever wondered why this is becoming such a popular fetish now? The Secret Life Of The Human Pups documentary airs Wednesday at 10pm on Channel 4 and promises to give you an insight into the world of fetishists that desire a more animalistic lifestyle. The […]

BDSM & Filming in Barnet Dungeon

Thank you to everyone who came to mine and Mistress Sin’s dungeon day in Barnet last week. We had a terrific time filming and giving discipline to our wayward Slaves. Not a great deal of correction was needed as our Slaves are well trained, but we often find reasons to punish our Subs simply for […]

Foot Fetish

It’s funny isn’t how much of society view various fetishes differently? For some a strap-on fetish or cross dressing may be weird and for others those are fine by the concept of having a foot fetish may be odd.  I say as long as it’s consensual and between two adults what should it matter! It’s […]

Water Sports Reading

One of my Subs once said to me that if Water Sports was an Olympic sport that I would be a gold medalist! Whilst I can’t see this ever taking off at the British Olympics (sadly) it’s good to know that I am at least a champion amongst my Subs! What is Water Sports you […]