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April 2016 - KAZ B

Month: April 2016

Berkshire Mistress Mummification

My Slave Georgio is a very advanced submissive and is a fabulous subject for pain play and torment. Knowing that I would be trampling Georgio in the session, I wore my leather knee high boots with stiletto heels which would leave some lovely imprints on his stomach so that he could have a lasting momento […]

Berkshire Mistresses Fetish

Mistresses tend to be purveyors of fetish and that is certainly true for Queen Of Sin and I. We love to dabble and immerse ourselves fully in the arts of femdom. There is nothing more than having a restrained Sub, or a Slave grovelling on his hands and knees or a sweet little sissy dressed […]

Berkshire Cross Dressing

Do you have a naughty secret? Do you long to be feminised or dress in sexy lingerie and women’s clothing but find you can never get a private moment to yourself at home? Do you ever just wish you could go somewhere private and indulge your hidden fantasy until your heart is content? You are […]

North London Dungeon Sessions

Here is some good news for all the Submissives that keep asking me if I will consider doing a dungeon session with them. I am organising a dungeon day in Barnet on 25th May 2016. I will be joined by the magnificent goth queen Mistress Sin who will be assisting me in dishing up large […]

Strap On Reading

My Strap On service is one of my most popular. Many of my Subs often tell me that they have had a bad experience with Strap On training in the past due someone not warming their bottom up properly or using too big a dildo attachment. Warm up is everything! If the rectal muscles are […]

Bondage In Reading

There are many forms of bondage to indulge oneself in from mild bondage through to the more extreme. My Sub Minky comes somewhere in the middle. He is a very willing subject that loves to be restrained, left alone in vulnerable positions and punished in between. I had a get together with a couple of […]

UK Fetish

Fetish has always been popular throughout history. The Marque De Sade was a huge fan of BDSM as were the Roman’s and The Tomb Of The Floggings in Tarquinia depicts orgies with participants being whipped. These date back to 470BC making them an impressive 2500 years old nearly! Foot fetish dates back to 1220 and historians believe […]

Cross Dressing Reading

Cross dressing isn’t always something that gentlemen feel they can do with their significant other whilst others don’t have a significant other to play with. Often it is kept like a guilty secret with the odd pair of hidden panties coming out when the fetishist has the house to himself for an hour or so. […]

Berkshire Dominatrix Instructs Bi Subs

As a dominatrix in Berkshire I have many Subs who have bisexual tendencies or who desire to be ‘forced’ into a bisexual experience with another man. Of course the Slaves are very willing volunteers but they just enjoy the feeling that they are ‘being made’ to do something so naughty! This is for two reasons. The presence […]