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March 2016 - KAZ B

Month: March 2016

Berkshire Femdom Sessions

I was recently asked by a Sub what my favourite kind of sessions and Sub’s are, A tricky one to answer as I believe that diversity keeps life exciting. All Mistresses enjoy different things and prefer to cater for certain fetishes or methods of discipline over others.  Subs should always respect this and appreciate that two Mistresses […]

Berkshire Mistress Finds Sub’s Limits

Ned attended my Sluttery for discipline, to correct his slovenly ways and to experience my special blend of pain and pleasure. To be fair he was excellent at taking orders and eager to please which is always a good quality in a slave. Ned was made to worship my long stilletoes and feet which he […]

Super Girl VS Mistress Sin: Dong Of Justice

This was a fantasy request for one of my Subs who wanted to see Super Girl capture a Villain and this is how it panned out.   My arch nemesis and super villain Harley Sin had been causing havoc and mayhem with her villainish ways. Wearing obscene costumes, trying to take over the world, you […]

Mistress In Berkshire Humiliates Sub

One of my Subs whom I like to call Mindy has an Indian Mistress overseas. I see Mindy for sessions from time to time but I hadn’t got chance to meet his Indian Mistress Reena until recently. Mindy surprised me last time by saying that Reena would be able to come on Skype to join us. […]

Reading Mistress Plays With Human Barbies

As a Reading based Mistress I tend to see a lot of gentlemen who want to undergo Sissy Slut Training and be transformed into girly super sluts. Recently I was visited by a young lad who which to undergo the complete transformation with the sexy costume and full make up. He was keen to go […]

Reading Dominatrix Top Fetishes

Reading Dominatrix Top Fetishes – I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite fetishes and kinks. With such a vast array of fetish delights to enjoy it was a tough call to narrow the list down to these and this is in no way an exhaustive list! Anal Play  and adult babies- I love making my […]