Month: February 2016

Watford Mistress Casts A Spell

Watford Mistress Casts A Spell – Fantasy realisation for my Sub and invoking the Universe to make him more Submissive. Recently I had a Sub who wanted me to cast a spell on him to make him more Submissive! I’ve been approached for hypnosis before but never spell casting! I thought about it and decided […]

Watford Mistress Torture Session

Watford Mistress Torture Session – Imagine your worst nightmare. Then multiply it by ten! The more Femdom sessions I do the more I enjoy it. I can barely remember that young girl all those years ago that used to try to disguise a slight wince when she thrashed the cane down on a juicy reddening […]

Hertfordshire Mistress Role Plays Bitchy Boss

Hertfordshire Mistress Role Plays Bitchy Boss – my Submissive bitch enjoys a bitchy boss role play. This is what happened. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••   I sat at my desk tapping a long manicured finger nail impatiently. I wore a tight black dress with a hemline between the thigh and knee and a tight blouse casually knotted at […]

Hertfordshire Mistress Punishes Slave

Hertfordshire Mistress Punishes Slave – Oh the lucky little devil! The air was thick and heavy.  As I walked into the outhouse the heavy fog curled around my feet and crept through the door frame, winding it’s way round my legs in a sinister manner.  I walked ahead, my heels raining heavily on the concrete […]

Hertfordshire Mistresses Tie And Tease

Hertfordshire Mistresses Tie And Tease – a very kinky and erotic session! One of my Subs recently contacted me with a special request. He had read that I sometimes duo with Mistress Sin and he wondered if we could arrange such a session whereby both he and I were tied up by Mistress Sin and […]

Hertfordshire Mistress Spanking

Hertfordshire Mistress Spanking – Tip for lady spankers! Has your Sub been so naughty that your hands are getting quite raw with the amount of spankings you have had to dish out lately? Us Mistresses and Dommes absolutely love to give a nice hard spanking, especially when a naughty Sub is acting in a petulant […]

Hertfordshire Mistress Domination – Principles

Hertfordshire Mistress Domination  – Commentary. I filmed this a while back via Youtube so the tracking is slightly out. Youtube banned my previous channel for being to ‘racy’ in their opinion so I thought I would share some of my Femdom related video’s here! In this video I briefly discuss the Sub/Dom relationship and my […]

Watford Mistresses Punish Sub

Watford Mistresses Punish Sub – A naughty ‘School Boy’ gets his comeuppance for his delinquent behaviour and juvenile ways at Princess Kaz’s school of discipline. Today Mistress Sin and I did a femdom session with a fantasy role play theme. We sipped a nice glass of rose whilst we dressed and she slipped into her […]

Watford Domme Duo – Valentines Day

Watford Domme Duo – Valentines Day fantasy fulfilled for a naughty Sub Valentines day is a day that all Slaves and Subs adore worshipping their Mistresses and some are lucky enough to have two or more! Today Mistress Sin and I fulfilled a Valentines fantasy for a lucky Slave. He arrived with chocolate and champagne […]

Financial Domme – Financial Domination

Your Financial Domme Princess Kaz brings you – Financial Domination What is Financial Domination? Financial Domination is when a Sub is thrilled by a dominant female dominating him financially. This can be as mild as agreeing a small weekly transaction that he must pay her or sending her gifts of appreciation. On the flip side […]

Domme In Hertfordshire – Humiliating Subs

Good Evening from Your Domme In Hertfordshire.  In this blog I am going to share a few anecdotes and talk about humiliation. Some of my Subs are into being degraded and humiliated. I don’t mean a little bit of teasing or light punishment I mean REAL degradation. They wish to be treated with no respect […]