Month: December 2015

Hertfordshire Domme Presents – Macrophila

Today your Hertfordshire Domme explores the fascinating fetish of Macrophila or Giantess fantasy. Up The Bean Stalk Macrophiles are aroused by the thought of Giant sized, powerful person that towers over them and are dominant in nature. Remember the movie ‘Attack Of The 50 Foot Women’ To a Macrophile, encountering and being dominated by this lady […]

Fetish Mistress Presents Imprisonment Fantasy

Your Fetish Mistress explores the fantasy of being held captive in today’s blog. The fetish for being held captive or imprisoned is simply a more extreme version of domination and submitting to an authoritative Mistress. Bound To Be Fun Submissives who enjoy being restrained in a bondage session enjoy being made to feel vulnerable and […]

Mistress In Watford Presents ‘Ice Play’

Your Mistress In Watford brings you – Ice Play! Ice Ice Baby Ice play can be enjoyed on many levels. You might find the thought of freezing cold ice utterly repulsive and repugnant! But just picture this, you are lying in the blistering heat in the sun, or on a hot balmy night on your […]

Dominatrix In Watford – Presents Hetolasia

Your Dominatrix In Watford presents – Hetolasia – those who have a fetish for Hetolasia are aroused by heights or by having sex at a height. This fetish may be partly explained by the fear factor, with fear increasing sexual arousal. On the flip side the sense of escapism and being physically far removed from […]

Hertfordshire Dominatrix Presents – Golden Showers

Your Hertfordshire Dominatrix presents today’s fetish of the day – Golden Showers! Golden Showers come under the fetish ‘Watersports’ which is to do with the release of urine, but a Golden Shower specifically refers to the act of peeing on a person. Those into this fetish like to receive pee over their body or to […]

Face Sitting – Fetish Of The Day ‘F’

Your Watford Mistress explores Face Sitting as your Fetish Of The Day! Face sitting –  isn’t that the same as cunnilingus? No not at all. If a you has a face sitting fetish it means he is aroused by a woman sitting on his face. This has more to do with power exchange and submission. […]

Chastity – Fetish Of The Day ‘C’

What is chastity? A chastity cage is a device often made from plastic which fits over the penis and then is locked into place to restrict the penis. This prevents the wearer from reaching a full erection or being able to pleasure himself. Many Submissive men enter into chastity and often for prolonged periods, such as […]