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November 2015 - KAZ B

Month: November 2015

Cuckolding – Fetish Of The Day ‘C’

What is a Cuckold Slave? A Cuckold is an individual who enjoys watching is wife or play partner being pleasured by other men. There are often Sub-categories of this fetish and the Sub may also find that his arousal is heightened by humiliation or even by having his orgasm controlled or denied. Some Cuckolds are […]

Breathe Play – Fetish Of The Day ‘B’

Today I am exploring ‘Breathe Play’ in my blog.  Now, this is something that you certainly shouldn’t consider dabbling with alone, or with an inexperienced partner. We have all heard of those horror stories of Politicians and Rock Stars having kicked the bucket after playing around with asphyxiation and been found in their hotel room […]

Berkshire Domme Presents – What Is High Class?

This blog explores the definition of a the phrase ‘High Class’ and how you can deliver a high class service to your clients. “High Class” is a term which is often used very casually in the sex industry, and is often used to justify adding an extra hundred pound or so to an escort’s fee. “High […]

Adult Babies – Fetish Of The Day ‘A’

This fetish is more common than you think. That dull looking bank manager you see organising loans and mortgages or even the geeky guy that stacks shelves at the grocery store, all just as likely to have a fetish such as ‘Adult Baby fetish  (or any other kind of fetish) as anyone else. So. What […]